(Non-VIP) self teaching Katakana part 1

Quick update..

I love learning new, useful things. The other day I decided I would teach myself Katakana, so I can make sense of at least a few of the details in my VIP Car, VIP Style and Drift Tengoku magazines… Not to mention the countless Japanese VIP websites and blogs I visit. The Katakana characters themselves are fairly easy to learn, but putting them together and deciphering/translating the words can be time consuming.  I made some flash cards (wow been quite a while since I did THAT!) and started tearing into my old magazines and VIP websites with a new passion… Mumbling to myself while reading.. “guh.. guh-ah… guhan-ku… guhanku-shi.. guhankushi-yon… JUNCTION! … Pu..pu-ro… puro-de..purode-you…purodeyousu.. JUNCTION PRODUCE!” 🙂

Hopefully I can pick up enough new vocabulary to update the other “japanese terms” post I have… Here’s a few random words that I was able to decipher, and also type/write! (use the IME support in vista to type in Katakana!)

オイル :  “OH-EE-RU” -> “OI-RU” = “OIL”

タイヤ  : ” TA-EE-YA” -> “TAI-YA” = “TIRE”

ホイール : “HO-EE-EE-RU” -> “HUI-RU” = “WHEEL”

サスペンシヨン : “SA-SU-PE-N-SHI-YO-N” = “SUSPENSION”

ジアンクシヨンプロデユース: Junction Produce!

If anyone has any nice web resources I should know about that discuss learning Katakana, please leave a comment. I use/love the Rikaichan plugin for Firefox to do most of my translation online, but I don’t want to always rely on it (browsing at work, reading magazines, etc)


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