Carmake Rasty – Toyota Crown Drift

Toyota Crowns are a staple of the VIP community. The body lines, headlights and grill look very similar to the LS400, so there’s lots of aero, suspension and VIP goodies available. Also, they are powered by the famous 1JZ engine, which leaves the door open to some interesting possibilities… I recently stumbled across a posting on the Noriyaro blog recently about this Toyota Crown drift car from Carmake Rasty. Take a look at this monster!

Nice looking Crown, right?

Decent looking Crown, right?

Prepare for total VIP/Drift crossover in 5…





Crown drift 2

Crown drift 2

1JZ Turbo motor

1JZ Turbo motor

Rasty Crown Drift 1

Rasty Crown Drift 1

Crown drift 4

Crown drift 4

I love it. The last picture is especially gangster — nothing like 3 wheeling at full lock in a VIP/drift car!

If you’re into drifting and japanese car life you’ll probably really enjoy the Noriyaro blog, stop by and check it out!


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