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Blog author

I’m Mello, I’m a 27 year old guy who lives in Las Vegas, NV.

I love all things automotive, especially modifying cars and custom fabrication. VIP style is very appealing to me, there’s something so nice about a huge 4 door saloon car laid out on bags that I can’t resist. I’m also a huge car audio fan, I love listening to music while I drive. My other automotive passion is drifting (hence the s13), it’s a lot of fun and I’ve met some great friends through that hobby.

Aside from cars, I love music, outdoor stuff, japanese food, cooking and spending time with my GF.

I’m on a ton of forums (links on the left), my username is either MELLO*SOS or MELLO*VIP depending on the board. If you see me around and enjoy the site send me a PM.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay and please leave comments on the stuff you like!


7 Responses

  1. Hi Mello,

    I really like your site and your article. I was wondering if you like to collaborate on a car culture site. http://intunedonline.com

    It will help you build a solid reputation in the autofashion scene + drive traffic to your blog.

    Please contact me,


    – Khoi

  2. Hey Mello I’m also out in vegas. If you ever need anything feel free to contact me.

  3. let me know if you can give me any site names where there are a lot of vip pics

  4. Hi Tyler, just check out the links I have to the right. Tons of VIP car pictures everywhere around the internet. Check out the Minkara site, I think you’ll love it.

  5. Hiya there. Like u said I’ve found your blog accidently. Nice writeup there and pretty useful too. Btw I’m the site admin for Dzeus VIP in Malaysia a bippu club in Malaysia. We are also the official dealer of Junction Produce. We are a totally English speaking forum and if you hav time, may I invite you there to hav a look around. Adios

  6. Great web site!!! Just curious, why no sentias/929? They are definetly VIP. I lived in Japan for 5 years and they were a popular choice. I live in San Diego and own one with rims, exhaust and suspension. It would be nice if you provided info on body kits for them.. I know Aimgain makes one. Anyways, You got a great site! You know any VIP clubs in San DIego? Better yert VIP Mazda/929/sentia?


  7. hi mello,

    this is chinese paul writing to you.

    i am a vip products fans too,and our company is selling the vip products(after market).like the mink crystal chain,executive mirror line stone,jp emblem,luxury bonnet mascot,and D.A.D crystal emblem etc..

    please add my msn: yuanhaochina@hotmail.com to talk about the vip products


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