VIP Style Z33 350z

My good friend and fellow Vegas resident NickD (of VegasDrift and VegasProAm fame) has been putting some major effort into cleaning up his z33 recently. This car has always been cool, aero, dumped, wheels, tracked out, lsd/suspension,  zipties and black tape… But lately it’s received some major loving from it’s owner — new Version Select aero, SSR Professor wheels, fresh paint by Spring Mountain Autobody and more… I must say it’s turning out amazing — even if not a “traditional” VIP platform, this car simply looks beautiful and demands attention where ever it is. Take a peek at these awesome shots by local photographer and auto-afficionado Brenton Ho:

VIP Style Z33

VIP Style Z33 - Low, black, wide wheels. What more can you ask for?

VIP Style Z33 2

VIP Style Z33 2. Are those DZUS tabs holding the side skirts on?!

VIP Style Z33 3

VIP Style Z33 3 - Stunning!



VIP Style M45 Drifting!

Hello again friends!

So, I know it’s been months since I’ve dumped new content up here, sorry! Please bear with me, I’m busy with cars, work, life, etc.  More top quality “Toku-Joh” grade VIP pics and movies coming soon… I promise!

Here’s some crossover VIP/Drift  filler for you guys enjoying the best of both worlds… A VIP Style Infinity M45 burning it at the last event in Primm, NV (photos courtesy of Wrecked Magazine)! A rare site, indeed! Sacrelig or completely gangster?? You decide.

I’ve seen the car in person several times — “baller status” doesn’t do it justice. Unfortunately, the only specs I have for you are that it’s on coilovers and 19 9/10 staggered Work Varianzza DS3’s.  Enjoy, and stay tuned! If you’re in Cali, Arizona or Nevada be sure to check out the next VegasDrift event on Feb 22nd!

Vegas Drift in Primm, Nevada

  • M45 at event
  • M45 at event