Elly Shee – Sexy Asian Girl Photos – Part 2

Okay Elly Shee is bangin hot, and interestly enough my original post with the Elly Shee pictures is one of the all time most-read posts on this blog! …This VIP blog… about VIP cars… and VIP Style…  The most read post is the one with pictures of some hot asian model?!…

Alright, well here’s another Elly Shee photo post since you obviously can’t get enough of this girl! Enjoy!

Photos are courtesy of Pixacom.com via the Escoben blog


Model Elly Shee – Pics & Interview

Tired of looking at VIP Cars? Take a break by checking out the TanabeUSA Blog interview (and pictures) with model Elly Shee:

Name: Elly Shee
Location: LA, California
Birthdate: 11.5
Ethnicity: Korean, 1/8 Japanese
Measurements: 32C-23-32
Website: www.myspace.com/ellyshee

Model Elly Shee
Model Elly Shee
Model Elly Shee

Model Elly Shee