My 240SX (S13)

Back in 2004 I bought my Nissan 240sx (S13). I’ll have to find the paperwork to see how many miles were on it, I think it was around 150k. The car was basically stock when I got it, except some ugly wheels, purple/bubble tint and a POS head unit. Alot has changed since then…


Engine – RB20DET Swap: t3/t04e, HKS manifold, HKS W/G, FMIC, 3″ D/P, Apex’i Filter, ARP studs

Drivetrain – Kaaz 2-way LSD, 6 Puck sprung clutch, 10.5kg flywheel

Cooling – Aluminum s13 radiator, Single 14″ Zirgo fan, Alum cooling panel

Brakes – Z32 rear brakes & Q45 Front brakes, w/ 17/16 Z32 BMC

Front Suspension – KSport coilovers, S14 FLCA, SPL Tension Rod, Z32 inner tie rod, SPL outer tie rod

Steering – HICAS steering rack, poly rack bushings

Rear Suspension – KSport coilovers, C-Tune RUCA, Toe, Traction arms, SPL rear solid subframe bushings & pineapples

Wheels – 18×9 -7 & 18×10 -6 Work Stitch Gulf wheels

Safety – 6 point roll cage

Interior – No carpet, panels, etc.

Body -Vanquish 4pc body kit


coming “soon”


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  1. Let me know if you’d like help with shoots of your cars. I’ll be more than happy to help. Its nice to see someone actually building quality and clean cars here in vegas.

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