My LS400 (UCF20)

On September 13 2008 I picked up my 2000 Lexus LS400 (UCF20). It had aprox 110k miles on it and the upgrades show below. For 2006-2007 it was a Falken demo/show car, touring around the country for HIN, DUB shows and of course the annual SEMA show.


  • Suspension: Airrunner air suspension, 1/4″ lines, two tanks, manual switches
  • Wheels/Tires: Junction Produce Scaras – Front 19×9.5j +35 w/ 235/35/19 Falken FK452 – Rear 19×10.5j +24 w/ 245/35/19 Falken FK452
  • Aero: Junction Produce Destiny’s 6pc Body Kit, fenders rolled, rear fenders pulled aprox 1″, no fender liners
  • Exhaust: Junction Produce Exhaust (Type 2) Quad Exit


Click the pictures to see the larger version

My LS400

My LS400

Junction Produce Destinys aero

Junction Produce Exhaust

Junction Produce Exhaust

At Toyota-Fest in Long Beach

At Toyota-Fest in Long Beach


3 Responses

  1. Very nice stance and wheel fitment! Love the wheels~

  2. Dude, nice site. Blow that shit up! I’ll put a note to help you promote it.

  3. Hey man, nice car lovin the offset.

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