New toy for my LS400 ucf20: Air Zenith OB2 air compressor

Air Zenith OB2 air compressor

Air Zenith OB2 air compressor

My Airrunner/ACC compressor (which is really made by Firestone for the load-levelling air spring kits) started going out the other day. I noticed it was slowly leaking air, from the tank, through the feed hose, and out from the compressor ‘inlet’ port. I assume the internal check valve bit the dust.. Vegas heat, vibration, age and a suboptimal air system probably all helped lead to it’s demise.

After doing some research, I decided to replace my ailing compressor with a new unit from Air-Zenith, their OB2 model. Lucky for me, Air-Zenith is actually based out of Las Vegas. Their main office is about 20 minutes from Mellos VIP garage! I stopped by and chatted with Manager Paul Chen and picked up this black-flaked-painted whopper of a compressor. The specs on the unit? 200PSI @ 100% duty cycle. About a foot long and 6 inches tall, must weigh a good 20 pounds at least! The wiring is very beefy, all the ends are terminated properly and the wires themselves are surrounded by thick protective shielding and heat-shrink at the terminals. The unit has a built in fan to help keep the unit cool (ever grabbed your compressor mid-tank fill? Bet you never do that again!!). The internal pump piston is completely rebuildable, and the unit features a remote mountable inlet filter. The product packaging was excellent as well! If first impressions mean anything, I have very high expectations for this unit.

I did a basic install in my LS400 to get the car back on the road, although I’m planning to completely revise the setup in the near future (Can you say, ELECTRIC VALVES?). In a few days I’ll put up a more detailed post with lots of photos for you to check out!