UCF20 Kouki – LED Tail Lights

I’m on a mission to acquire a set of quality LED/Clear tail lights for my LS400/ucf20 Kouki (98-00 model). You would not believe how RARE these lights are! After a year of searching, I think I’ve finally found what I’m looking for. Of course they are only available in Japan, and of course none of the retailers I’ve found want to ship overseas… However, I have a plan. And these lights WILL be on my car soon……

The illusive Ucf20 LS400 LED Clear Tail Lights

The elusive Ucf20 LS400 LED Clear Tail Lights!!


Sessions Platinum VIP Car Show

Repost from the Aimgain Blog of a recent VIP car show. Tons of UCF30 first gens!

AIMGain VIP Style Meet

Photos posted on the AIMGain blog from a recent VIP style car meet

Junction Produce Chrome Brake Calipers

Junction Produce Calipers

Junction Produce Calipers

Pick up your ballin’ 6 piston fronts and 4 piston rear caliper kits from Junction Produce. Available from your favorite Junction Produce retailer for under $10000 USD, with optional Blank or Slotted rotors, SS braided brake lines, Pads and adapter brackets.

Junction Produce Brake Kits

Junction Produce Brake Kits

Available fitment for:

Celsior/LS400/LS430 UCF30 and UCF20
Crown Majesta UZS180
Aristo/GS300 JZS160
Soarer/SC400 UZZ40/30
GS GRS190/UGZ190

President F50
Q45 F50
Fuga Y50

W220 S-class
W215 CL-class

E 657 Series
E 387 Series

Did I mention they look great behind a fresh set of Scaras?

Junction Produce Brake kit behind Scara Wheels

Junction Produce Brake kit behind Scara Wheels


Front/rear set
¥787,500  ($7786)

Front set
¥441,000 ($4360)

Rear set
¥378,000 ($3759)

VIP Style Lexus LS400 & Celsior Pictures [#3]

Collection of VIP Style Lexus LS400 UCF20 and Toyota Celsior UCF21 pictures. I found these VIP Style cars while browsing around, looking for ideas and parts for my own LS400. Enjoy!

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UCF20 Front Door Speaker Exchange

Stumbled across a japanese blog entry from Garage-A regarding UCF20 door speaker install. Stock speakers have a massive ported enclosure, can’t wait to start on my audio install, looks like I have some adequate space to mess with.

UCF20 Door - Stock Speaker

UCF20 Door - Stock Speaker

VIP Style Lexus LS400 & Celsior Pictures [#1]

I love the UCF20/UCF21 body style of LS400 aka Celsior. Here are a some random photos I’ve saved from around the internet. If one of these photos is your’s, leave a comment.