Speedhunters coverage of TAS 2009

Better late than never, right? Here’s the Speedhunters gallery of VIP Cars @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. My bad, this was an older post that was never published, hehe… Enjoy


Sessions Platinum VIP Car Show

Repost from the Aimgain Blog of a recent VIP car show. Tons of UCF30 first gens!

VegasDrift Event – Feb 22 2009 Las Vegas Drifting

Like most VIP fans you probably love drifting also.. Hell you probably have an s13 on jackstands out in the garage, waiting for you to finish it up! If you’re from Cali, Arizona or Las Vegas area you should do yourself a favor and come out to the next VegasDrift.net event on Feb 22nd. It will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, about 15 minutes north of the Vegas Strip.

Drift all day, party all night. What more could you POSSIBLY ask for?!

Registration is open, get in a full day’s drifting for about $130 (pre-reg before Feb1st)! Click the pic for more infos. See you there!

VegasDrift.net VD010 at LVMS

VegasDrift.net VD010 at LVMS - Click for more infos!

VIP Style M45 Drifting!

Hello again friends!

So, I know it’s been months since I’ve dumped new content up here, sorry! Please bear with me, I’m busy with cars, work, life, etc.  More top quality “Toku-Joh” grade VIP pics and movies coming soon… I promise!

Here’s some crossover VIP/Drift  filler for you guys enjoying the best of both worlds… A VIP Style Infinity M45 burning it at the last VegasDrift.net event in Primm, NV (photos courtesy of Wrecked Magazine)! A rare site, indeed! Sacrelig or completely gangster?? You decide.

I’ve seen the car in person several times — “baller status” doesn’t do it justice. Unfortunately, the only specs I have for you are that it’s on coilovers and 19 9/10 staggered Work Varianzza DS3’s.  Enjoy, and stay tuned! If you’re in Cali, Arizona or Nevada be sure to check out the next VegasDrift event on Feb 22nd!

Vegas Drift in Primm, Nevada

  • M45 at VegasDrift.net event
  • M45 at VegasDrift.net event
  • AIMGain VIP Style Meet

    Photos posted on the AIMGain blog from a recent VIP style car meet

    AIMGain G wheels 20″ on Cima

    Straight from the AIMGain blog! New photos of their freshly released “G” VIP wheels on a F50 Cima (aka Infinity Q45 stateside). If you wanna be both fresh AND ballin, get your set from Autofashion USA .

    Wheel Specs

    AIMGain “G” Wheels

    Front: 20x9j +24mm w/ 235/30/20

    Rear: 20x10j +22mm w/ 245/30/20


    AIMGain Wheels on Cima

    AIMGain Wheels on Cima

    AIMGain Wheels on Cima

    AIMGain Wheels on Cima

    Air Suspension – My Airrunner setup and system plans

    I posted this up on the Club Lexus forum recently and thought it would be useful here also.

    I have an Airrunner air suspension setup on my 2000 LS400. It’s a nice system but I have a couple minor issues with it. I run the fronts around 110psi and the rears around 60psi on nice pavement, 120/80 on rough/uneven surfaces.

    Full up:

    My LS400 - Nearly full inflation

    My LS400 - Nearly full inflation

    Laid out:

    My LS400 - Laid out 1

    My LS400 - Laid out 1

    My LS400 - Laid out 2

    My LS400 - Laid out 2

    My LS400 - Laid out 3

    My LS400 - Laid out 3


    • Two tanks. Not sure exact size, 5? gal each
    • Single 120psi Airruner branded Firestone compressor
    • 1/4 line to 4 manual switches and 1/4 line to bags/cylinders
    • Dual pressure gauges (and switches) mounted in center console.

    Sry no picture of the trunk for now, but it’s nothing special, tanks and comps in spare tire well.

    My main gripe is how slow the current setup is to lift the car (and deflate the rear). This is from the 1/4 lines. Slightly annoying while driving and need to quickly lift the car, but it’s more annoying when the car is laid out and you need to go back to ride height. Due to the install, my manual switch placement sucks – they are hard to get at in the center console. For those that don’t know, manual switches dump the air from the bags right out of the switch itself, so as you’d expect it’s very loud in the car when deflating… My GF and kid complain. Of course the manual valves have no way to program preset heights, or auto fill on startup, both features I’d really like. Lastly, the single 120 compressor is taxxed to fill both tanks, it will run for >= 10+ minutes after lifting the car off the floor. If the tank was low/empty when laid out, you have to wait awhile before being able to drive anywhere. But other than these minor, correctable issues, the Airrunner setup is awesome.

    I’m planning to upgrade to the system to

    1. Make it faster and easier to use (programmable heights)
    2. Make it quieter inside the cabin (and louder outside the car)
    3. Provide a little redundancy AND reduce tank recovery times.
    • Upgrading compressor to either a single or dual Viair 480C compressor, they’re good for 200psi@50%duty. Much faster tank recovery!
    • Upgrading to at least 1/2 line from the tank to the manifold/valves. The single 1/4 line from the tanks is over taxxed when filling 2 or 4 bags at once
    • Upgrading to trunk mount electric valve setup (Accuair?) with slow-downs/mufflers on exhaust ports. Quieter cabin, and allows presets with controller
    • Upgrading to programmable digital controller, still researching but leaning toward the Autoloc Air Command
    • Get rid of analog gauges in favor for a digital display setup that also shows tank pressure
    • Keeping 1/4″ lines from valves to struts, if the new setup still isn’t fast enough I’ll sell the Airrunners and go with a custom UAS setup with >= 3/8 lines
    • Haven’t planned out what to do for water traps or drains, but that stuff along with fittings and air hose is fairly generic

    Hope this helped!