Fabulous announces Lexus LS430 LED tail lights

Fabulous finally got around to releasing a “red and clear” LED tail light kit today for the early model Celsior 30 (aka 2001-2004 Lexus LS430). All I know is that the lights cost about $400 from Fabulous japan webstore. The only real pic I could find was of the lights themselves, nothing actually on the car:

Fabulous UCF30 LED tail lights

Fabulous UCF30 LED tail lights

Great news for UCF30 owners, but where’s the UCF20 Kouki LED tails?!


New wheels for my S13

After 3+ years rocking 16×8 SSR Reverse Mesh +26mm 4 lug wheels on my s13 I’ve finally decided to upgrade. This coming at a time that my motor swap is ending, body kit going on, brake upgrade and a few other suspension changes seemed like a good time to upgrade the rolling stock as well.

Straight from Okinawa, Japan are my used Stitch Gulf wheels. Sizing 18×9 -7mm (front) and 18×10 -6mm (rear). The centers need to be rechromed (or powdercoated), but the lips are pretty decent. I’m still waiting on the last 9″ wheel to show up, hopefully it comes in next week.

Here’s some photos: