UCF20 Kouki – LED Tail Lights

I’m on a mission to acquire a set of quality LED/Clear tail lights for my LS400/ucf20 Kouki (98-00 model). You would not believe how RARE these lights are! After a year of searching, I think I’ve finally found what I’m looking for. Of course they are only available in Japan, and of course none of the retailers I’ve found want to ship overseas… However, I have a plan. And these lights WILL be on my car soon……

The illusive Ucf20 LS400 LED Clear Tail Lights

The elusive Ucf20 LS400 LED Clear Tail Lights!!


Elly Shee – Sexy Asian Girl Photos – Part 2

Okay Elly Shee is bangin hot, and interestly enough my original post with the Elly Shee pictures is one of the all time most-read posts on this blog! …This VIP blog… about VIP cars… and VIP Style…  The most read post is the one with pictures of some hot asian model?!…

Alright, well here’s another Elly Shee photo post since you obviously can’t get enough of this girl! Enjoy!

Photos are courtesy of Pixacom.com via the Escoben blog

Speedhunters coverage of TAS 2009

Better late than never, right? Here’s the Speedhunters gallery of VIP Cars @ Tokyo Auto Salon 2009. My bad, this was an older post that was never published, hehe… Enjoy

Sessions Platinum VIP Car Show

Repost from the Aimgain Blog of a recent VIP car show. Tons of UCF30 first gens!

VIP Style Lexus LS400 & Celsior Pictures [#1]

I love the UCF20/UCF21 body style of LS400 aka Celsior. Here are a some random photos I’ve saved from around the internet. If one of these photos is your’s, leave a comment.