UCF20 Kouki – LED Tail Lights

I’m on a mission to acquire a set of quality LED/Clear tail lights for my LS400/ucf20 Kouki (98-00 model). You would not believe how RARE these lights are! After a year of searching, I think I’ve finally found what I’m looking for. Of course they are only available in Japan, and of course none of the retailers I’ve found want to ship overseas… However, I have a plan. And these lights WILL be on my car soon……

The illusive Ucf20 LS400 LED Clear Tail Lights

The elusive Ucf20 LS400 LED Clear Tail Lights!!


VIP Style Lexus LS400 & Celsior Pictures [#2]

LS400 VIP Style pictures, round 2. Don’t forget to checkout the previous post.

VIP Style Lexus LS400 & Celsior Pictures [#1]

I love the UCF20/UCF21 body style of LS400 aka Celsior. Here are a some random photos I’ve saved from around the internet. If one of these photos is your’s, leave a comment.